A guide to the bowed electric instrument

One very important decision that has to be made before you can play an electric double bass is which bass to buy. This seems to be a no-brainer, but I find that many new players are amazed by the many models that are available on this planet and just do not know where to start. Do you choose between the three available models at your local shop, or is it better to look for expertise in another country?

Veronica Bresci of AlterEgo (based in Italy) sent me a document written by Alexander Hohenegge. Alexander describes several issues that are very relevant for making that one big decision. Click the link below to read the guide.

AlterEgo logo

Please note that I’m not affiliated in any way to AlterEgo. I do like their basses, they sound GOOD. The information seems usable for buyers in general and refers to very general motivational factors for buying a bass. Should you have comments how you made the decision or what is very important for you, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

Some styling formatting and images have been added for the ease of the reader, the original document with the same content can be downloaded as PDF [download link].

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