Which strings to buy for your bass?

My basses are equipped with Thomastik Spirocore strings. Many bassists love these strings, and so do I. Luthier Lucas Suringar in the Netherlands suggested these many years ago, and it still seems a perfect match to me. But still, it’s possible, that there’s a better match for a bass, but how to find out which set sounds nice?

You could randomly buy some sets of strings, but if you know how expensive double bass strings are, that probably is gonna be a very costly trip through stringland. And it’s a lot of work too, winding strings till eternity (they have string winders for that, by the way). Probably the best thing to do, is to go to a bass luthier, tell him your needs and show your instrument…

But if you are just curious what the differences amongst strings are, there is a great resource. Hervé Jeanne offers a stringmatrix on his site: he plays the same tunes on fifteen sets of strings on the same bass!

Visit Hervé Jeanne’s stringmatrix

Which strings do you use?

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