Biggest advantage of playing an acoustic upright

There is one major disadvantage of playing an electric upright people should be aware of. As the size of the instrument is smaller, the size of the gig bag is also reduced considerably. Now, this might actually seem an advantage, but the regular double bass gig bags are a continuous source of amusement in the life of double bass players and their fellow musicians. How? People have the tendency of ‘putting on’ those bags and making themselves disappear.
Happened to me three times now. And the third time it happened, I made a video with my phone, which is embedded here for your watching pleasure.

This time, Sietse performs a silly dance on the music of Ibo, during a rehearsal.
Eventually, the people in the gig bag are trapped inside the bag and have a hard time getting out of the thing. Ibo asks in Dutch: do you know what happens if someone puts a billiard ball in his mouth? Ah, the usual sillyness. But be warned: electric upright gig bags aren’t half as much fun!