Zeta bass

Now you all know the electric uprights built by Zeta, right? And you probably know their crossover bass as well…
Some of us think that EUBs need to be played upright. That gives us a cool look and a better sound. Well, have a look at the following video, which shows us a Zeta Crossover being played by Will Karling. Nice playing and a great sound, Will…reminds me a bit of the bass in the recording of Cowboys and Angels by George Michael.

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  1. I need a bridge for my 4 string upright bass. Can anyone help? Zeta seems to have gone out of business.

  2. Perhaps a good double bass luthier can help you? Does anyone know if the Zeta bridge is a custom bridge for Zeta basses?

  3. Ann, The Zeta Uprite (not the x-over) has a proprietary bridge where the piezo element is in the L-shaped fingers. I broke the bridge on my Zeta Educator Uprite, and had to have it repaired locally because Zeta, though in business at the time, charged exorbitant fees. I found out during that process of local repair that it may be possible to use and ordinary acoustic bridge bass with a piezo pickup attached to it (like Revolution Solos, Fishmans etc.). I love my Zeta but not the company. Believe me, I understand your frustration – I went through all of it.

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