Video: Azola baby bass

I came across this video of an Azola Ultracoustic Baby Bass, played by Roby Perissin. The sound is somewhat “crunchy” but the sound of these babies is really cool (the Azola had a hollow body, which sure contributes to the deepness). Enjoy the video!

Update: Roby commented here, I’d recommend to check the less crunchier sounding songs on his myspace. Or hisspace, if you like. 😀

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  1. Hi, thanks for the comments on the sound of the Ultracoustic baby bass by Azola. I must say that I am learning more and more, by using it and playing studio and live gigs, to get a “fuller sound” for it. I play actually mostly swing and jazz standards and still I believe that the Azola “punchy” sound cannot be changed completely (it does have a smaller volume chamber than a full upright bass) but that is exactly what makes it “different” from playing and listening to a traditional full upright. You can search on Youtube for my name or look at my myspace site to hear how it sounds in a recording, as I have just posted a video and within 10 days 7 new songs recorded with the Azola, Ciao ! Roby Perissin, Milan, Italy

  2. Hi there, just a quick comment, to share my experience, on a new acoustic bass that I purchased about a month ago and that is taking my attention away from my lovely EUB Azola Ultracoustic baby bass…. It’ s in a way part of the “electric upright bass” category since it can be played upright but you get the most when you play it horizontal as a guitar : the Takamine TB10, with integrated valve (true valve) preamp, a real beauty not only to see (it is truly a beautiful instrument) but to play.
    Has a rather difficult fretless fretboard which I am not ashamed to say, I have put reference dots on the side……. but once you get used to it, WHAT A SOUND, like or better than an EUB (certainly better than my Azola which is considered to be already a nice EUB sound) but as good as an acoustic upright, truly amazing !
    A warm, soft, acoustic, penetrating sound, the best bass I have ever owned and played on. In the last month I played several jazz gigs in duo (with Piano), trio, quartet and quintet, in ALL of them it sounded great, people, musicians and non-musicians have actually walked up to me to congratulate me on the sound and the look of it, but mostly the sound, which is very rewarding.
    On the other hand I don’ t reccommend playing it with the supplied bottom stick that makes in a upright, the fretboard has an odd feeling , the body also doesn’ t feel confortable unless you play sitting on a high stool. The way it sounds when you use it as an acoustic guitar is fantastic, you also can manaage to play (being a “hybrid” between a guitar and a double bass) much faster tunes than with a EUB, with less effort. I personally immediately replaced the strings with a set of Dean Markley 2618 ML Flatwound String Set for E-Bass, 5 string, Flatwound, Stainless Steel, Hexagonal Core, Gauges 050″, .070″, .080″, .100″, .125″ using as my E the thicker (a 0.125″) then .100 and so on……, so I am using very heavy strings (heavier than my EUB.. funny enough) which makes it hard on the fingers but with a real acoustic bass sound, if you play the EUB or UB already you should be have trained fingers anyway……
    You can play it sitting on your couch in front of the TV or anywhere, only problem is that I am now betraying my EUB….I hardly played it in the last month…….;-(……… but it is really too good, I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for something with the sound of an EUB or better, with less space. Expensive toy though….. be careful…… Ciao from Milan. Roby

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