Van Zalinge Bass

At the Speurders (kind of Ebay) website, there is a Van Zalinge Bass for sale. A rare find: the Dutch bass luthier Henk van Zalinge built 264 basses in the early eighties. If you buy this one, you know there is only a maximum of 263 copies in the world! And Sting probably still owns at least one of them, unless he decided to get rid of his copy. (owww…that Mickey Mouse T-shirt…)

The prize of these basses currently is relatively high (for 3500 euros you can buy a decent handmade new bass), but nostalgia often has its prize…

Or you could try to build one yourself, like Eric Borst of Eribo Violins did.

I “borrowed” the photos of the ad, before the bass is sold and the images removed from the Speurders site:

Speaking of Van Zalinge Basses, have a look at this old video of Jo Didderen playing his Van Zalinge. (More nostalgia for the Nederlanders: yes, that’s the good old television show “Reiziger in Muziek”…).

Any opinions on the Van Zalinge? Any pointers to information, sounds or videos?