How it’s going…

Currently, I’m not playing that often on ebass I must admit. The last year was a very busy period as I had to finish my PhD. When the K-oZ Collective hiphop project stopped I started playing with acoustic groups and there’s little utility for electric instruments. Ebass had to wait in a corner of my studio for better opportunities. An example of these acoustic groups is IBO, centered around a Dutch troubadour. This video of a gig in Amsterdam pretty much explains it all:

Some months ago I bought a 150 year old German double bass that needs a very serious restauration…It needs a new neck and a major number of cracks need to be fixed. Interesting…

Ebass is still doing fine, it’s a great instrument with a very powerful tone.* It’s not jealous of the acoustic basses and is waiting patiently for its turn. The bass needs some adjustments. I want to lower the action a little bit and it’s time for new strings. Did I mention I have a new band? 😀

*Just listen to the sound…
Like a f3ather by sillybeats

New website!

Today, I updated New style, new CMS and already some new content. This way, it is easier for me to update the website. I’m still upgrading some old links and moving content, so if you find anything that doesn’t work yet, let me know, please.

For your pleasure, the old ebass website is still online if you want to visit an old page.

Have fun! Sander