Electric Upright Bass Video playlist at YouTube

As you’ve probably seen, there is a EUB playlist on the video section of this website. Below, you also find the playlist. Do you also have videos on YouTube of electric uprights? Let us know by posting the link below. Then, your video will be added to the playlist.

Happy Springtime

Yes yes yes, it’s spring again in the Netherlands. Ibo asked some of his friends – including me – to join him at a jam on the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam. The weather was great, the atmosphere even better. And the Applecake at Winkel was delicious. Petra made a small video, capturing the busy atmosphere at the Noordermarkt. I play on a regular double bass here, as there’s no need to bring ebass to acoustic gigs. Yeah I know, this video is quite off topic, but it’s so sweet! Who says the Dutch are surly? 🙂
[High quality available]

Video: Azola baby bass

I came across this video of an Azola Ultracoustic Baby Bass, played by Roby Perissin. The sound is somewhat “crunchy” but the sound of these babies is really cool (the Azola had a hollow body, which sure contributes to the deepness). Enjoy the video!

Update: Roby commented here, I’d recommend to check the less crunchier sounding songs on his myspace. Or hisspace, if you like. 😀