Bass sculptor Fabian

It’s been a very busy period for me, so I completely missed this message of ‘bass sculptor’ Fabian, who sent me the following message on MySpace:

hello dr bass
im also building my own electric upright basses

i have created a blog and also a youtube acount where you can see some videos construction. im just an amateur, i thing more like a sculptor rather than luthier.

i was in your website, i liked ur design, very good! gretings from mexico. fabian

Have a look at Fabian’s blog, featuring three basses already and his Youtube account.

Building a Rubber Bass

I added the old Rubber bass construction page to this blog. Now people can comment and show with their own building projects.

So what is an Ashbory bass? The DeArmond Ashbory Bass is an 18 inch/45 cm fretless bass with silicon rubber strings. Nowadays the bass is produced by Fender. I play upright bass and fretless electric bass and I’m interested in playing this little bass. As a small side-project of building a electric 5 string double bass I decided to make an Ashbory myself (2004)! This is a small report of the work.

The real Ashbory:

The making of my Rubber Bass:

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