4. Tailpiece and tuners

Philippe made a scale model on his computer to show the tailpiece in full scale. Click for a larger image.

Construction one
Construction one

And another solution…Again, clicking will result in a larger image. We decided to opt for the second solution for the tailpiece.

Construction two
Construction two

And the raw tailpiece is finished. We will make it a bit more round to add some coherence between the shape of the fingerboard and the tailpiece.




Now it’s time to place the 5 tuners…


Philippe suggested to make a high precision model. Again a great way to place the tuners in different positions before making a definitive decision.

Philippe behind computer

Here you can see the prints of the model. Click the pictures for a larger image.

Tuners mounting guide

Tuners mounting guide

Tuners and guide


Tuners placement guide

Tuners holes

Bass tuners


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