6. Refining the electric double bass

Now it is time to refine the instrument and make it playable…
Bass bridge

Bass Bridge

The top nut, also made of teak.

The topnut

Finished tailpiece

the finished tailpiece

The “curved shoulder” was made by gluing several layers of thin plywood onto a mould.

The end pin (was replaced by a brass one later).

Almost finished shoulder:

Ebass in all its glory:

Lucas Suringar sells a gigbag and guess what? Ebass fits inside it!

Jamming for the first time:

Playing on another stage:

Me playing the bass at the Bevrijdingsfestival 2005 with K-oZ Collective. Photo by Carpy.nl:

Bevrijdingspop, picture by carpy.nl

And that’s it…

Here’s a video of me playing ebass in K-oZ Collective hiphop band.

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