5. First assemblage of the whole bass

Putting the parts together

First overview of 5 string electric double bass EUB upright

Close up almost finished bass

Close up

So now it’s time to hear this bass, please remember that I have to make some major adjustments (the bridge is about 1,5 centimeters too high) so I can not really play this bass yet. The tailpiece has to be rounded a bit more to prevent the G and B strings to “fall off” (this is the *tick* in the following sound examples).

It is very difficult to play a bass with such a high action…the tension of the strings prevents me from playing really groovy. The low B-string is not playable yet, I have to adjust the bass some more to make it fit. The output of the Underwood pickup is plugged through a DI in a Audiowerk sound card. This is the result:

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