In 2003, I decided to build my own electric upright bass. The idea was to construct a five-string bass of a 45 year old piece of wood that once formed part of the kitchen worktop of my parents’ house. At the age of fifteen, this wood really surprised me when I made a fretless bass from another piece of the worktop. The bass wasn’t that great (mostly because my constructing skills at that time were rather limited) but the sound was really deep and warm…excellent for an eub, right?

Hearing the ebass for the first time after the construction phase was great, as it showed the same deep, warm tone as the bass I built when I was fifteen. At present, I still play on the ebass, primarily in the Dutch band K-oZ Collective.

Lots of thanks to Philippe de Voogdt of Aalta Minimoa Maquettes, my “partner in crime”.

Please select one of the following building phases:

Another project: Building a rubber bass

animation of electric upright scretch to photo