In 2003, I built an electric upright bass in cooperation with Philippe de Voogdt. Besides a warm, deep tone, it also sports a cool eye-catching look. On the website ebass.nl, the building process is displayed and a study of the electric upright basses can be found. Let it inspire others to get involved with building of these instruments.
At ebass.nl you can find a gallery electric upright basses, sound samples of eubs to hear what they sound like, and a report how I built my bass with lots of images. Let it inspire you and join the club of electric upright bass players!

Sander Huiberts on Ebass

Ebass was constructed in cooperation with Philippe from Aalta Minimoa Maquettes. I would recommend Philippe’s creative work to everyone!

The “Killer Photo” on the home page was taken by Lorenzo Fanchi on the Orange Babies Festival in Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands.

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Double double bass